About Us

chagtp owner

Owner / Founder

Mr. Vimuk dezap


i am Vimuk dezap, software engineer by profession with 10 years of experience in this field.

With the development of ai technology in the world, people are rapidly getting used to ai technology. So we thought of creating a website to make people’s daily activities easier.

Having years of experience in websites, I and my team have created this website for the convenience of people. 

Our main aim is to make everyday work easier for people and provide AI experience to people through ai chatbot like chatgpt. So chatgtp is a website created using ai technology.


  1. Our website will help you a lot for educational purposes, for getting answers to your problems, for various analyses, and for various other areas.
  2. 24 hour availability of information
  3. Information can be accessed from anywhere in the world.
  4. This website does not provide any illegal data information.
  5. Our website can be used by anyone of any age.
  6. 24/7 Contact Support
  7. Our team aims to help you much more through our website

So visit our website and experience the AI technology.


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Team Members In Our Website

chatgtp ceo

CEO / Manager

Mr. John J. Taylor

website creator

Website Creator

Mr. Yul Teng

support team chatgtp

Support Center

Mr. Madeline Mills

Contact Support

If you have any problem and ideas please contact Our Support Center.

Email:- [email protected]


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